This site is a reference for mind control and brainwashing in anime. Here you will find a list (in alphabetical order) of as many examples as we could find. The bulk of this list was compiled as part of a psychology essay by a university student with an interest in Japan. Some of the animes you find listed here have not yet been released in America. In the interests of not spoiling the plot of the anime for people who have not seen it, we will avoid explaining the details of the anime. Finally, if you have an example that is not listed here, please submit it to us at: nodoka@start.com.au and we will add it to our list in future updates.


3x3 Eyes (Vols. 2-3)

Several of Pai and Yakumo's friends are possessed by demons in order to kill them, kidnap them or steal precious artifacts from them.


Angel Of Darkness (Vols. 1-4)

This is a hentai series. Each plot is basically the same. A main monster, with the help of a possessed teaching faculty, get female students and convert them into slaves of the monster.


Arc The Lad (Vol 9-10)

Liza is brainwashed by the enemy into becoming a priestess that will unleash a devastating force of darkness.


Battle Skipper (Vol 2)

Saori is hypnotised by a coin on a string into stealing a special microchip unit from her friends.


Burn Up W

The criminals in this series are interested in a brainwashing drug.


Corrector Yui (Episode 23?)

Yui's friend Haruna is tricked and converted into an evil Corrector under the control of the Comm-net's enemies.


Cowboy Bebop (Episode 20?)

Spike and Faye temporarily fall under the sway of a religous cult that works through the internet.


Dragonball Z (Garlic Junior Saga approx. around episode 108)

Piccolo, ChiChi, Bulma, YumCha and a few others are turned into vampire-type monsters by an "Aqua-mist" which puts them under the control of Garlic Jr. and his henchmen.


Guy: Second Target

This is a hentai/action anime. Guy's partner Reina is caught by a religous cult and brainwashed into following the leaders commands.


G Gundam (Vol 8-11)

Allenby Beazley is manipulated by a rich businessman through the "berserker system" into piloting the Devil-Gundam against her will.


Hell Teacher Nube (Movie Special)

Nube's students become possessed by masks put on them by a demonic clown and used to fight against Nube with enhanced abilities.


Iczer One (Episode 3)

Iczer 2 uses a dark bracelet to control Nagisa and makes her oppose Iczer 1.


La Blue Girl (Vol 3)

A hentai series. A small radio transmitter is implanted into Miko, placing her under the control of a pair of rogue ninjas.


La Blue Girl (Vol 6)

Miko's friend Fubuki is captured by a group of cyborgs who convert her into a weapon to assassinate one of their enemies.


Monster Farm (Monster Rancher) (Episode ??)

Venus falls prey to a small robot that attaches itself to the back of her neck and controls her movements.


Ninja Scroll

Kigero is captured by a ninja and brainwashed into trying to kill Jubei when he comes in for a rescue.


Ranma 1/2 (OVA 1)

Shampoo is given a brooch by her great-grandmother that alters her moods towards Ranma depending on how it's worn.


Sailor Moon (eps ??)

Chiba Mamoru (Darien Shields) is captured by Queen Beryl and brainwashed into becoming her consort.


Sailor Moon R (eps ??)

Chibi Moon (Rini) is tricked by the Dark Moon and is converted into Black Lady (Wicked Lady) who then proceeds to fight Sailor Moon and her friends.


Street Fighter II The Movie

Both Ken and Cammy are brainwashed by M.Bison's psycho powers into becoming assassins.


Street Fighter II V (Vols 7-10)

Ryu has a microchip implanted into his forehead that allows M.Bison to control him through a computer. Chun Li also undergoes the same process.


Tenchi Muyo Movie II: Daughter Of Darkness

Tenchi's "daughter" Mayuka is controlled by one of Jurai's enemies and is used to try to assassinate Tenchi.


Twin Angels (Vol 2)

This is a continuation of the Twin Dolls hentai series. In this one, demons possess small orbs that can convert females into their servants.


Twin Dolls (Vol 1 and 2)

Another hentai series. Demons from the underworld have the ability to bite girls and turn them into servants, recognisable by their yellow eyes, sharp teeth and horn protruding from theit forehead (the girls, that is).


Variable Geo (Vol 2)

Satomi is tricked by a rich company into becoming a high tech killing machine. Chiho Matsuda is captured by the same company and is injected with a special drug that makes her obedient to them.


Virtua Fighter (Vols 2-5)

Sarah Bryant is captured by a secret organisation and their research division converts her into the ultimate martial-arts killing machine.


Zenki (Vol 1)

A few tourists to a shrine are bitten by a demon and become the demon's lackies.